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NETBonds gives US and Foreign importers an affordable streamline applications process to obtain your Continuous Customs Surety Bond directly though our step by step process.

NETBonds is the primary source for many importers Continuous Customs Surety Bonds.  Our volume allows us to offer a very competitive price and our customer service keeps our customers renewing.

NETBonds can offer a wealth of knowledge and services to assist in all your US Customs Bond needs. Our website has all the same features as the large national websites, but we offer a local, friendly, customer-oriented approach. We have been writing all sizes and types of Customs Bonds through Bankers Insurance Group, Surety Code 130. Our customer service will ensure that a smooth transition occurs when moving your bond through NETBonds as we are your liaison with U.S. Customs and our insurance group.

  • NETBonds offers the quickest and easiest path to your $50k Customs Surety Bond - just click US Importer
  • Cost: 1 YEAR BOND = $299
    Our price includes any and all fees associated with filing your bond
  • Guarantee = 100% money back guarantee (see FAQ for more details)
  • Payment Option: PayPal, credit cards or pay later with a check
  • Need a bond greater in value than $50k, send us your details through contact us and we’ll provide a quote